You give out any? Elk burgers are amazing!

a friend question to hunt Moose is in season and how long does it last

Sounds like quite the camper to stay in lol.

Hedge your bets. Smart!

That's a lot of gear but Not taking the vacuum!?! 🤣

i enjoyed your hunting day

I totally miss fly fishing. As a kid I used to go fish at a local lake for bass and trout. I used to watch this older man fly fish all the time, he always caught plenty of fish. After fishing I would ride my bike over to where he was and just watch him. One day he asked me if I wanted to try it. He taught me the proper way to fly fish, not that J was any good at it. Every time we were both there he made me practice with it. I got pretty good, then he started teaching me how to make flies.
I could go on…. Long story short, we fished together for several years, he made me a fly rod and gave it to me. A few years later he passed away. I still have the rod he made me.

It's been a minute since I've seen a "Bronc-cast" and it's good to know you're still in high spirits. With all that gear, one could almost say you're "loaded for bear" and be about right! You're doing something I've always wanted to do, and I wish you luck on the hunt. :)

Very nice painting and interior. The logo High Life in your background look good. Your cap is very cool too with the text. I can't shoot an elk while fly fishing but I'm curious to learn from your videos that probably upcoming. I like the video end music and the way your image appear. Have a nice day sir.

Fly fishing is something new to me to hear, I enjoyed watching your video and the way you show the equipment. We still use analogue methods for fishing.

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Yep! I think that it is possible to score an elk, while you are fly fishing, as long as you are in the right place at the right time.
Let's hope that you will show us one in your return video and best of luck to you.

What's going on! i can't see most of your video that shared, may be something else from here but good luck for your fishing and hunting.

Man and hunting ,is it liké sport for you?

i bet youu can!

Hey dude, are you on discord?

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Good luck brother!

Happy Hunting and fishing season @broncnutz
Looking forward to some outdoor videos from your trip

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Hunting and fishing 🎣 are always interesting i could remember the first day i followed my grandfather for hunting and i could not withstand the echo of the gun 🔫 and thought it will be coming back to hit me, it was interesting having that experience but fishing is what I enjoyed so much and i will also like to to it more often, what a lovely experience you have friend