It looks like a tactical way to fishing.

Can keep the snow over there 😂 too bad bout the Elkies. On my tdl to go out there and drop one one of these years. Always love some fishies😁

That's so cool!

Nice fish catches. It could be better if you share some of your catches separately or add them at the end of your video instead of in the middle. I was waiting to see the biggest fish you caught.
But I enjoyed this video.

excellent friend for you since outdoor activities are great and although he did not hunt I imagine he had good times fishing in that river

It is really fun to go fishing and am glad you caught a lot of fish

Wow it is really a beautiful moment to go fishing.

Fishing is a great activity outdoor and gives a sense of survival by providing the needed food. I remember the days when I was a child and was going fishing all day long and coming in the evening with the catch. My grandmother would take one fish at a time, would clean it, and cook it. Amazing memories...

fishing can also be a very fun sport as well as exciting and more so in a river as great as that

So good to see you! After such a long time I'm seeing your video here in #Hive. Catching a lot of fish sounds really a great joy and I'm glad that you did it this year a lot. Keep sharing such awesome experiences of fishing. We fans are waiting 😊

How many fish did you catch? You know how those fish love still water. Behind a rock of something in the water. Fish stay close to them most of the time and only go in the fast water if they have to.

But, you already know that because you study the water.

The Rio Grande is an interesting river, as most long ones are. Easy to navigate and then you can walk across it. Crazy, yet?

Oh, snow!!! Lucky! I love the first big snow!!! Enjoy!

First and foremost great view South Fork Colorado looks like an amazing place to be and fish, For the record I have always wanted to fish but fishing ain't much of a thing down here when i get to start I'll go learn how to fish maybe probably meet @broncnutz to teach because he got some beautiful tactics, What's the name of those fishes you caught?.

Struggling with power cuts here in South Africa, so only now came back to watch the video. Good that you found a spot that was not crowded and well done working that stream out.

We gotta hit that spot! Looks fire asf

You are fishing like a champ!

I think it is equally adventurous.

Fishing is a way of having fun while also making a living with it. We have a lot of fishers here who make ends meet with it. Nice catch with a simple and cool video. Happy adventure sir

This is really cool


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