Hey @broncnutz I was so fascinated with Drip but the problem I am facing since yesterday is that I have my balance in trust wallet and seems drip network doesn't support the trust wallet for transaction....once I click on buy it simply going blank....and on checking the telegram team..they conformed me with the issue.....wondering if it would ever be my piece of cake or not.

yea you need to be using the Metamask wallet with BNB in it to get into drip. There are a couple of different ways in but Meta is the easiest.

Finally I did it using same wallet ..I mean trust wallet..though I need to disconnect multiple times and connect.....I written a post and mention you multiple time....hope you don't have any issue.. 🙂

I love this step by step instructions to follow. Although I'm always on mobile Android phone but I will definitely give it a trial soon. Gracias 💯. Thanks my good friend. @broncnutz

ETH does suck! The NFT market on ETH is a joke!

Side note....I just want to thank you for having my back over the years. I appreciate the magical @broncnutz upvote, but more importantly the crypto info.

Have you tried Presearch? It is easy to run a node and is a Google crusher?

Also, I just got my Helium miner up and running!

We live in a cool time brother @broncnutz!

I love the helium miners! My friend has a couple of them and trying to get me to order one. i want one but the 6 week wait sucks.

My friend and I pre-ordered two from Parlay Labs in California last April and nothing yet.

So cool. I will be interested in how you guys do with the miners fo sho! Drip is amazing, i think its the best thing i have seen in crypto so far. i am pile driving money into it right now from anywhere i can round it up where its not already working. passive income is key. 10 different ways is freedom.

I will keep you posted on how the miners are doing. So far $50 in a month :)

Freedom 55 brother @broncnutz - Merry Christmas!

BNB is cool... unfortunately, in Singapore, Binance is kinda locked out for the citizens here due to regulations.
So I am looking at Solana or Matic for cheap gas fee

i own both sol and poly. both are great options.

Awesome stuff OG.

So great not only having you sniff these things out, but sharing them and taking the time and effort to craft an easy-to-follow tutorial.

I do love the Ethereum blockchain for blazing the expensive trail and having the critical mass to launch these initiatives. I find myself just watching the hysteria and the folks bitch about the surprising gas fees that have always been that way. The Hive blockchain sure spoils you with speed and transaction fees. You have found the key I was looking for with affordable fees but fun innovation.

Thanks again Mr. 2 Rings.

ah ah ah....3 rings! :) lolol

Oh shit yah! That is another 50% more rings than 2.

I guess it has been a while since I heard his name!

Glad to see you are making the move.
ETH and its gas fee's are super annoying.


Thanks for the tutorial sir. ETH suck with their crazy trx fees

Thank you! The worst part of being a newbie is not knowing how to do anything and not knowing where to get the information!

This is quite interesting things, never knew...that it could be done like this..or adding exchange wallet to metamask....thanks for sharing

Go Broncos..... for your information do you have a referral code for drip? Over there and looking to connect metamask wallet.

Thanks a lot, @broncnutz, for sharing this video tutorial!

Hive is a nice place to be, each post I learn a lot like I just did now.nice post sir

I stopped using Eth five years ago due to fees for transfers. One transfer I put in took five moths to go through because I had not set a high enough fee. That was the last time I used Eth. Good video - nice to know there are some cheaper options.

I have MetaMask somewhere, seed stored off line - I am hoping there is not too much to move off of the Eth chain. I would abandon tokens before I paid four grand to move them.