I doubt anything will happen, it's said he just miss spoke on the date and he meant Feb 24. I don't see how that would cause people to remember that date unless that date happens to lead to something other than what's happening inside the borders of Ukraine right now.

In all due logic, I'll just give it to you as it would ordinarily unfold, would be if the war was to expand outside Russia and Ukraine borders than logically you'd go after the country who set the whole reset concept into process. That country, also the other day took control of a Russian owned refinery in their country. Even Trump called them out for their expansionist encroachments, that country would be Germany, I am just sayin' because Ukraine plays big into the whole reset concept as one of the worlds largest deposits of titanium and other minerals needed for the success of a global reset. I am basing this on that Russia isn't really into the reset game but I highly doubt it. Ukraine will or they plan on Ukraine being a seventeen billion dollar operation by 2030 in titanium and other minerals needed for the transition, but the reason I am skeptical is because Obama and them were never behind the so called scene drilling for oil deposits as some have said, they were setting up green energy mining operations in Dnipro, Ukraine in the villages of Korobchin and Kirovograd, so if Russia was against that whole transition process it would seem wiping out those green energy mining operations they built would be among his first targets. Unless of course he wants the technology behind it and the mining operations himself. Anyway, there's so much speculation as to a collapse of the financial system to nuclear weapons being thrown about but if one was to go about throwing around nuclear weapons logically you'd take it to the front door of who was head first and knee deep into this whole green energy reset, that would be beyond any doubt Germany. Just as a side note per se, Trump was never against the Paris Accord, he was against not getting a big enough piece of the pie. Germany has spent the last decade building the infrastructure through Europe to transition away from Russia so they could have other countries bid for their business to bring down their energy cost. They built a whole system based on the green energy than made deals with what they called "global partnerships" by using development bank monies to guarantee investors a no loss on their investments. They'd than go to countries who needed monies from the development banks and coerce them into using a portion of that money to buy services and goods from the companies investors built in Germany based on the green technology concept. It was huge, Trump was right when he called it an expansionist encroachment, he warned them if they continued on the path they were on without the US getting a piece of that pie he'd make sure they got stuck getting their energy from Russia forever. Initially they laughed at him when he said but he got what he wanted. The reason he jumped on the bandwagon was because Germany was way out ahead in the game, a whole decades worth, it was hop on board or drown. That's what Trump did, he signed a deal with Juncker to send them our natural gas. Than Trump turned around and did similarly as Germany has over the last decade and gave Africa development funds that would involve building refineries in Africa to lower the cost of converting light crude to natural gas for shipment off to Europe, that's the only way he could or eventually that we can I should say, compete against China and India who have already built refineries to do the exact same thing. The refineries aren't finished yet, slowed by covid supposedly. That's why John Kerry said we are so far behind, he's right, when it comes to the green energy reset Germany was miles ahead of them in the game. Russia was in a global partnership with Germany, the fact Russia hasn't gone after those green energy mining operations or threatened Germany who are by far the cause of everything we see happening is why I still am unresolved in where this is really heading.

I dont know what to believe anymore. And, I dont trust anyone. Everything is so corrupt now, anything is possible 🤦🏼

Let's hope it is an uncertain date and the calendar leaves continue to turn, as the days go by let's enjoy every second as if it were the last.
Big hug!

Burger bags shared on the 24 of September it can of sound funny

I think the rumors everywhere the world is ending. solar flares, but not seem the world is ending soon even if it's let enjoy our living tomorrow was not promising

I thought it was a full movie to watch at the beginning lol and I was kind of relaxed to watch. Thanks for sharing.

Many not very good things have happened in the last few days, for example the earthquake in Mexico, the hurricane in Puerto Rico. I hope that all these events of nature have not harmed those countries and my prediction is that peace reigns throughout the world and the Ukraine-Russia conflict ends soon

new ideal week so that everything bad does not come back and everything good comes for all of us

That’s really strange or a really strange coincidence. But I agree something big is gonna happen it’s just a matter of when.

At first I got carried away with the face scene,I love the intro and you came into the scene,lol. As it's said in the first scene,it's complex but in no time,what will be will be.🥂🍾

"Maybe we have a new Banking system". Hey, we already have, and that is Blockchain and crypto on top of that. And this new system is expanding at a steady pace.

On the other hand, the Global financial system macro is changing quite fast.

At first I was about to relax to enjoy the movie

I will tell you 1 thing thats gonna happen... MARIO KART POP UP!!!!!!! 24th at 8pm!!!! Denver CO!

Also I look forward to the trip as well brother!

finally aliens??


if these bugout bags are good, I'd also like to have one
you can use and need such things always, even if just for worst case, ready to just grab

but Im parttime homeless and winter is coming (like in fucking game of thrones - at least for us europeans)

ah, yes, and fear is just a mindkiller :)

All I saw in the bags was cotton swabs and toilet paper. The bag might be handy after you use up the paper, though.


they can keep it


Hi @broncnutz
This is how it all started when the German guy said 24th of September
instead 24th Feb he was referring to the day the Ukraine war started.
So by far we can safely say it would be a normal and hopefully productive day.
It would be a lazy Saturday for many of us and for more active and
productive folks like you...
I sincerely wish it is a #carefree and productive day that is
rejuvernation and adds many happy and healthy years to your life so
that you can keep making content and videos and keep communication
with your audiences and keep leaving your mark for eternity to see by
way of the good deeds and the content on the blockchain.
Plus not to forget you would be required to blow the candles atop your Birthday cake for many many years to come so you better have the energy and the spirits up for all the good things that would come your way :)
Cheers buddy!
PS: looking forward to your next video

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