if you are gonna get involved in crypto currency just go for it. because no body knows the way its gonna go. Of course, there are risks involved in any investment, and you should always do your research before putting any money into the market. But if you're careful and you're prepared for the worst, you could end up making a lot of money in this new and exciting market expecially with HIVE.

Get in the GAME!

Hive Is indeed the best blockchain presently, we don't know of future to come but at the moment hive is the best chain, it potential is just amazing, we have seen his potential more times recently, even when the general market is down it wasn't affected,

Yay! 🤗
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This is one of the reasons I tell investors to keep holding and bang more during the bear market because when the market will move, it's going to break a positive significant all-time high but no one knows when that will happen. Don't panic and keep holding.

I'm definitely not trying to be one of those cats who spend the rest of his career on the sidelines. I will always find a way to make things work so that I can stay in the game.

Great advice. I would rather see the whole crypto market go to zero than miss the boat because I sold on fake news. Where is all of this bullshit coming from you ask. It's coming from the big boys that want your crypto,
If you didn't sell when bitcoin was $60,000 why the hell would you let it go now.

The ideal would be never to sell and maintain our Cryptocurrencies since we do not know when the moment of definitive takeoff may be and through it to be able to make all our dreams come true.

Hive is the super Blockchain for investing.
Today's world is totally involved in cryptocurrency. No doubt that there is a risk in investing in it, but until the risk is taken, we will not be able to move forward. Some people invest in it without any knowledge while it requires a lot of experience.

Sometimes I sell Crypto to get what is needed. Sometimes HOLD is Gold and sometimes HOLD is Tears.

Why I sell crypto? Sometimes it helps me in some of my money need, so it's like a back-up wallet for me. HAHA..

Well said. The internet is full of "experts" who "know" what's coming. But in reality, no one knows shit - except maybe the few whales that can still manipulate the market. If it's something you believe in than just buy and hold and hope that you will be able to retire on it one day lol


Yeah Hive is different and definitely a best blockchain ever to ever come across and investing much in Hive is really a best choice because there is a lot of progress to witness soon.

Crypto Currency, its digital money.

Right now, if it were up to me, I wouldn't sell them, but due to economic needs, sometimes it's time to sell them, but not for pleasure, but because of some urgency

Selling crypto to buy more Crypto 🙂

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Sounds good to me 👍🏻

Hi, friend.

It is the best decision you can make, the world of cryptocurrencies is uncertain, but at the same time, it is the safest thing we have for now, knowing how to handle the market when investing in a crypto, now is the time to invest and know how to wait for a rise. .

Do not anticipate selling, hive is a good investment option, you can work with the same market.

Greetings and thanks for your article.

I love Hive. Started on Steem in 2017. That being said, it is not a sin to take a little off and put in a mutual fund or a stock or two.

BTW I hope you mom is doing well. I miss her drumming on here. :)

Crypto Currency is a very difficult thing. Sometimes it has to be sold in case of some need. But the problem is that whenever I sell the price goes down and when I sell the price goes up after a while which is happening to me all the time.

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Hi @broncnutz
what you say makes a lot of sense that is if you are a person who wants to stay and make any profits in crypto for the long term.
People hopefully would realize and see the true value of Hive and what it is doing in terms of a blockchain and platform it has created for free expression and the underlying economy that it has generated.

Nice to earn cryptos and sell them for money

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