Str8 Stuntin

Very useful way to manage your van space at tail by the drawer, i think it safe and pretty good tools decoration and set up.

That’s a great idea. I really like those drawers.

That’s a real nice setup
I have though if some similar setup to hold my camera gear well the concept of sliding drawers with foam cut to fit my camera and lenses
Seeing your setup reminds me to look into that again



Man that truck is now the perfect cross between a purse and a man cave! Those sliding drawers look like they as smooth as hell and engineered well. I love organization solutions but this is next level stuff for the outdoorsman with multiple hobbies for sure.

It have a little drone storage and launching bay? Push button dropping of proximity mines? Starting to think GTA5 here.

Love the hat too! I had to look twice to see what it was.

I used to have one of those set ups in my Isuzu Trooper. Those boxes are the shit

saw you post late... but it was amazing installation with all the tool drawers.. !!