Wow. I didn't even realize silver was up to $30.. I don't collect the silver dollars but I got a nice collection of pure silver plus a bunch of TOXIC poured silver from @raybrockman


Yeah that's @raybrockman brand.. TOXIC pours..

He's got some great pieces.. here's a Discord link..

Look under poured silver

Awesome pick-ups! STACK ON, my friend @broncnutz!
If I have any regret at all in precious metals stacking, it is the regret of not buying more the past years!
Thanks for sharing. So inspiring!
Have a lovely day, and take care 🥰🌺🤙

I stay steady stacking!!!! Silver is in strong hands when it finally gets in mine.

It is funny that you say that! Do you know that I have not sold a single piece of my stack, yet? I have given many away as gifts to stacker friends. Besides, I am not a flipper. I look at precious metals as a store of value and for building wealth!
WOW, it is great to know another stacker, and be able to share!
Enjoy the rest of the week, and take care @broncnutz! 🥰🌺🤙

I just bought some cool stuff. More vids to come.

Awesome... I am certainly looking forward to seeing your haul. I got some in yesterday and will unbox in a few minutes. Have you checked out my stack?

Thank You @broncnutz, You Know I Love Silver and It is Probably the Most Undervalued Asset on EARTH !!

Silver is so awesome I really wish I was able to afford to own more but I really like mine!!!!

I am addicted to silver...real talk. lolol

Yeah I'm getting the fever too.

Got an offer to go gold mining in Alaska. Next year I'm going to dive into this.

Gonna be quite the opportunity if it really comes and pans out.


All those silver nuts are finally saying I told you so

yes! The best part is the bull run has not even started yet. I'm betting 45.00 silver in the next 45 days. The Comex is broken and will be exposed soon.

Honestly enough I really think that you are correct on that assessment

You have a lot of good knowledge of silver coins. Thanks for showing some of your collection, I look forward to seeing more.

I would go old silver any day of the week...probably because I've been a numismatic collector since childhood. I have a types book that is my favorite. Now that I've gotten into metal detecting, I really appreciate silver more. The physical properties of the metal are just amazing. I think the price is still a deal. Not only are you getting silver but you are getting a piece of history. It means so much more to me when someone back in the day actually used it. Old silver= best of both worlds. I'm stacking some Morgan Dollars too! Great video man!