Hi @broncnutz I have watched this video a couple of times because it wakes up the outdoor person within me who longs to go on trips like these so I have to re-hive it so that more people can watch it and perhaps go out and enjoy the outdoors.
Till such outdoor camps happen for me armchair travelling with your videos is certainly an option.
#staysafe and keep enjoying the outdoors #goodluck

I enjoyed a bit of the fun with you trough this video what a lovely place to be @broncnutz

You always go to the prettiest places! Your camper is just fine. Serves its purpose! Love the blue and orange sky and hammocks. Love this video ❤

Hi @broncnutz
oh wow what a scenic view and a wonderful time and place to camp
Enjoy some quality camping time

Back at it n up in it!

A beautiful place, over the mountain/ rock mountain, with bend road and sun set on the sky, water near there, everything is looking fine and enjoy your trip, don't compare with luxurious caravan with others!

The land scape i think I also like the bikes and the natural environment what a nice adventure @broncnutz

One hell of a ride! The view was astounding! 😎

Very beautiful scenery, it was an unforgettable ride to have been able to enjoy that wonderful lake with crystal clear waters, the mountains and the sunset with reddish sparkles.... I loved your sunglasses hehe

what a great walk my friend although apparently in the video it is difficult to access the fun is guaranteed, I also see that it is very visited

the beauty of that place is incredible my friend, you certainly spend quality time there and the best thing is that we are in contact with nature. I really like that little creek and the mountains give it the magic touch

I told myself I shouldn't look but I can't hold it, Breathe taking views man, like love everything I see and want to be there right now 😭.
but I will be there one day, I know it. Enjoy yourself man.


Wow, it's quite adventurous, picturesque, and exquisite t have an affair with Nature, clean and fresh air, lots of Blue sky and greenery, what else do I need to rejuvenate? Enjoy your day Broncnos.

@tipu curate

That looks spectacular brother. Man I’m jealous.

It is an awesome ride with lovely and beautiful trees around which looks pretty nice.

Wow I love the whole place and what a lovely ride to experience.

Breathe taking views man, can't even imagine. From the blue and orange sunset, the reservoir, to all those sheep across from your "view of the top of world" is crazy. You're telling me there's just (what I would guess) thousands of sheep wondering around.
Thanks for sharing.

The road is well arrange, the tree look lovely

That's amazing place to be and beautiful tress around as well. I think you really had a fun and a great day. Thanks for sharing this amazing post and have a wonderful day @broncnutz


This look a great adventure worth enjoying 😊

I just found your Creede Video …awesome!🤗
Thanks for sharing, I really miss the high country of Colorado, we lived in Gunnison on the Western Front for many years!
Now in the Pacific Northwest, but nothing compares to Colorado!😊