Broncnutz Footage in the HBO Documentary **The Anarchists**

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Wow this is crazy! I never knew this was even going on, to the level HBO would be making a documentary of this Anarchapulco event. It's extreemly odd to be laying in bed watching and then all of a sudden seeing YOUR FACE. Shit got real.....

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That was really cool..

thank you mam. thanks for checking out my video too! :)

No problem, by the way I'm a Girl.. 😊

sorry...i feel stupid for even assuming without even looking. my sincere apology. :)

classic online misstake :D

No Problem sir. 😊

Looks like an interesting documentary, I'd watch that. Sounds like quite the event. I agree with people getting together and discussing/brainstorming ideas on how to make a better and more fair society and how to make changes that benefit society.

You would love it. it was a dump truck of knowledge everywhere you turned.

Yeah that sounds very cool. I bet there were some interesting ideas being discussed

Episodes 1 and 2 are on threespeak.

Thats awesome, thank you for letting me know this.

Wow this is really nice, thanks for sharing.

Good to get your take on this, as I remember when that event went down. With this being in the news lately, it's nice to hear from someone that was actually there. I'll have to check this out to see if I can spot anymore people from the old days of Steemit who went down to Mexico.

oh you will see many from steemit on this show for sure. lots of the show includes steemit.

That's cool!

I have not had the opportunity to see it but I have heard good references to that HBO series, in addition to the fact that they talk about Cryptocurrencies as I understand it

Dope! I’ve been loving the show so far. Fell asleep last night before I could watch episode 3 though. Looking forward to seeing it and I’ll be looking out for you.

No rules, no government, it sounds like a modern way to create Woodstock all over again. Wild and free has always captured the minds of people and you are right as maybe, just maybe Hive can create a major difference in the future for all of us.

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Will give a shot. Definitely looks interesting

That's really cool. You do great bro.

That would have been really weird to see yourself like that. Love the video 👍🏻

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Awesome stuff, I had no idea this was out there.

Cheers mate