The beginning was really scary. I thought there was something horrific but it turned out to be a nice intro!

Your quality is top-notch... I can't even imagine how nice it is. Thanks for sharing especially the voice-over sharing key information about the places.

The Water front

There is a similar one in my village, its usually filled but sometimes when I want to show it to someone, it's never filled.

Nature is really beautiful @broncnutz


Very pretty, and looks like a good time. Im surprised the waterfall was even flowing, its been so dry this year. Love your videos 👍🏻

excellent landscape friend, I hope you have been able to enjoy that great trip to the Canyon. Nature is wise and knows how to do her thing

It is really beautiful, nature is just lovely, the tunnel at first looks like an horror movie,

I love the road entrance of the clip, I was thinking there is something strange about that dark entrance until it turned out to be something awesome.

Such a beautiful place you visited, the place looks very peaceful.

That's a nice road trip you were in 🐎 The drive roadside made me tense though, lol.

The shot with the hummingbird is also cool!

You were using a gimble during those takes? What kind?


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