So far it turns out to be a season to forget for the Broncos and their 3-6 record I hope they finish strong and management does a better job of getting good free agents and draft picks

bad season for the Broncos and it looks like it could continue

Im very thankful! LOL

People get over excited during world cup season and this is the same story of world wide. Fans show their craze too much. Winter is almost here and very soon I have to plan for winter shopping. Hope you are doing fine over there. Stay blessed! ❤️❤️❤️

Now in South Africa we don't know much about the NFL, but I can tell you that teams are struggling across the world. We have the mighty Springboks that everyone used to fear, but nowadays they get beaten by the smaller teams.
Thankfully my football team Tottenham Hotspur is showing new life, with a new coach, but it seems that a winter of discontent is facing all of us.

Big games is always big competition

Cheered up. Funny

I can't stop laughing seeing the beef between those two opponents very funny.

I thought it was going to be a tough season, but WTF!!!!!!!!

Always competitive to see tough games occur.

bad season, but it will soon come to an end

True words from which someone can build a better team. Funny way of putting it out there :)))))))))

@tipu curate

Bad season 🥺

It's a tough season, but teams have to make the best of a bad situation. They have to decide what's best for their organization and their fans.

A though season a though games

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I like the clowns that you showed at the beginning of the video, they look funny and a little silly, make me smile when I open the video, what fascinates me is the sound of the trumpet being played is really cool, I don't really understand what you are talking about in the video because I not very fluent in English and other languages besides the language where I live, he he lol, I like the clown, I have to try wearing a clown costume like him.


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If it is an winter, how long to come spring again!
There is always competition but only one succeed , what we have in our hand to give our best and to prepare strongly to put the best again.Apna time ayega(Our time will come).