Fish ON! Elk in the River! **Wilderness Clinic**

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Sometimes Mother Nature just all comes together at the same time and you just happen to be standing there to watch it all. Thank you GOD for this beaultiful land.

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Love landscapes, and good fishing @broncnutz this video remembers me my grandfather, he was a fisher, and he had a wooden boat with a motor that he has built because he was a carpenter too. Sorry about my English, I'm from Cuba and my native one is Spanish.

living in contact with nature and on a daily basis is great. Good for you and the best thing is that there are so many activities to do

First of all those songs are just perfect for the video and that wilderness looks really quiet and cool. Fishing is something I've never tried and seeing how you were having fun with it made me feel like giving it a try even though I'm not sure I will be able to hold it in my hands like you did.

The fishing hook looks really nice as well but the truth is I don't know how to use that too, lol. Indeed nature is a blessing and a gift to us, we just have to thank God for his goodness upon us.

Have a fabulous day ahead Sir, it was really fun watching that video, I was just nodding my head to the Jahm you know, hehehe.

Growing up, I've seen my father catch tons of fish in different sizes. I was around 6 or 7 when I went with him and his friends. Your video fishing reminded me of those good old times. 🎣

Wow it is really big.

Amazing-looking fish!

I love to fish too, but fishing in these fast mountain waters is a great experience.

I love the landscape!

Four day fishing trip!!!! Nice man, that's unreal. Loving the footage of the catches and sweet background tunes. Not just fishing either, you captured some Elk footage too, nice one man. Looks like a few good old days fishing, and I'm guessing a few brews were enjoyed too.

Fishing is in session!

I was just wondering where your fish are 😂

Lettin them get bigger!

Haha! So are the 3 Broncnutz caught 😂

That looks like a good day out!

the truth is that it is great to gather a large part of nature to enjoy it to live with a feeling of freedom that is great

Going fishing is one the great adventure I admire

The video introduction was a very Dope one which I will rate 99.9 over 100. When I proceeded the video the background music was a kind of so much attractive and it reminds me of the b.i.g. notorious soundtrack. yeah I'm always looking forward to your videos because it is always exclusive. I also reblog them so that so many people will actually enjoy the fun out of it and also emulate so many things from you.

  • I love those energy even right inside the river.


  • It looks like a golden fish. The tilapia I mean.



  • The two cows


Thanks for sharing the video and also it was all fun. Greetings. @broncnutz

That was a big catch, sir! I've never experienced fishing 🎣 before but I've watched people fishing and it's always lovely to watch. And Nature is naturally extremely beautiful a full of amazing creatures.

Nature is indeed one of my first loves!

Staying with beautiful mother nature giving us cool experience. You got big experience connected nearest river. I already experienced fish caught using traditional ways. After long time I couldn't do.

It's good having a good time fishing. 🐳🐳🐳

Nice fish you caught! What a set up you use on your pole. I gotta go trout fishin one of these days.

Wow I would love to experience this someday as well. I kind of like it.

Ah man, you have quite the set up, why do you need to step inside the river ? You could catch them standing at the bank, right ?

Enjoy these lovely moments, lucky are those who can spend time in nature.

I usually stand in the river and cast into the bank. just depends what type of fly, weather, est. I do fish from the bank a lot especially right there where its grassy.

Congrats for those fishes you caught, what a healthy river.. 😌😊

This rive is a Gold Medal Water in Colorado. 4k fish per mile to qualify.


It is always nice going to fish I love every part of it

Just standing in the river and not being at work is enough to enjoy the day! Thanks for watching. :)

Yeah it is a pleasure I always enjoy every part of it

GOD has been wonderful to us by blessing is with nature and every thing was good and beautiful let's keep giving him thanks for his goodness @broncnutz friend

Uhh, i can't watch yhis video, just appear server error.