Gump Raid Episode 2: Diet Challenge & Red Lobster Brawl

in Threespeak4 years ago

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This our second episode of Gump Raid on 3speak and we are excited to be here. Today we talk about our lockdown weight loss challenge (I'm going to cheat) and a crazy Mother's Day Brawl at Red Lobster. (Yes Brawl at Red Lobster)

In case you missed episode 1, I'm trying to convince John that 3speak is the place to be instead of Youtube.

John is an influencer is several spaces take a look at Martial Arts Page with 117K followers

And I of course have a NBA page with over 175K followers as one of my influence properties.

We're trying to find that one space to bring our audiences onto the block chain and if support proves out, we hope it will be hive

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