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Downloaded from YouTube 20 mins after uploaded. I'd be surprised if it lasts.

Some people know me as "hope", but some people know me as the voice that you hear when you tighten the noose on the rope.

Regarding your account: Snordster
We have received a legal complaint regarding your video. After review, the following video: HoloCost! has been blocked from view on the following YouTube country site(s):

Germany, Italy, Reunion, French Southern Territories, Wallis and Futuna, Austria, Switzerland, France, New Caledonia, Guadeloupe, Martinique, French Guiana, Mayotte, Saint Pierre and Miquelon, Poland, Czech Republic, Israel, French Polynesia

What is it, exactly, that drives a country to implement laws forbidding historical review? The cost has been debilitating to Germany and continues to be so to this day.”

As the sole producer of this channel, I place it into the public domain. Anyone may freely copy it in any part or in its entirely, without asking my permission, and without paying any dues. I do ask you to please link to this site if you do utilize the material.


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