EUROPA - The Last Battle | Ep.8/10 - The Holocaust

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“The Holocaust” is the term used to spread the belief that six million Jews were murdered by the Germans during World War 2 - primarily by gassing in makeshift gas chambers deceptively disguised as shower rooms. This narrative is often repeated in Hollywood, by the media and in the public school systems.

However, a growing movement of brave scientists, historians, engineers, journalists and other free-speech activists have investigated the official politically correct holocaust-story to be exaggerated and even false. These brave people are today called “Revisionists” but are often denounced as “holocaust deniers”.
This labelling technique is used to discourage discourse and discussion about this controversial subject.

These revisionists do not dispute that Jews were persecuted, deprived of civil rights, deported, interned and forced to work at concentration camps or that Jews died in those camps and ghettos during the war, when diseases became a major problem. Neither do they dispute that criminal Communist partisans, which a majority of were Jews- were killed by shooting and hanging during the war.

The revisionists do not deny these Jews and other victims of the war their dignity, they do not deny the victims to be remembered, and they do not deny to show compassion for any of the victims. No matter how they died, each and every one of these deaths was a tragedy as were the deaths of millions of others during this horrific war. Millions of people, mostly Europeans suffered and died horrible deaths on battlefields, on the high seas and in firebombed cities during a conflict that most certainly would never have happened, had international Jewry not declared war on Germany in 1933.

"The Holocaust" is today mainly used as a guilt weapon as many racial groups exploit the compassion that White Europeans are known to have in order to guilt-trip them in to a collective guilt by making whites feel shameful and guilty about the past. If the Left, Communists or Jews hear a person discussing anything related to immigration, demographics or race realism -- they immediately label that person as a “neo-Nazi”, “the next Hitler” or “anti-Semitic” -- too shut down the conversation and to make the person look like a hateful bigot. The Holocaust narrative is used to strengthen Jewish identity simultaneously as undermining, demonizing and delegitimizing white European identity. It is used as a manipulative weapon against all White Europeans.

However, the evidence that the Revisionists use against the official holocaust narrative are numerous. We will now go through the most convincing of them...