Announcing The Greater Reset Activation

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Announcing The Greater Reset Activation, an initiative of The Freedom Cell Network

John Bush and Derrick Broze announce the details of the upcoming event The Greater Reset! Stay tuned to this important announcement focused on the solutions to the World Economic Forum's Great Reset agenda.


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I am writing an open letter to the world for exactly what you are claiming to be about. I figured out how to make it work globally giving everyone in the world individual rights and autonomy, fixing the problems in the systems and economy with a solution for the upcoming automation of all labor. I'm going to sign up on your sites, if you agree with my vision for the future maybe you can help me get this letter out to the world. Hint...government can be automated, the problem with government is the human element. Power corrupts any human. I have put a lot of thought into how a global economy could work after automation of labor. The only thing I don't know how to fix is the differences and animosities among the religions of the world.