The Answer to The Technocratic State and Domestic Terror Propaganda

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The Answer to the Technocratic State and the Domestic Extremism Propaganda

Derrick Broze checks in for a quick update on the Biden Administration's push for a focus on "Domestic Extremism" and how we can push back.


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Small possible enhancement / change to the structure of The Freedom Cells Network:

Take same cells, arrange in open pyramid of tetrahedrons. Where vertices are in common, each bloke knows one in adjoining cell – knows how to send message to him, that’s all he needs. Communications never break down because they run sideways as well as up and down. Something like a neural net. It’s why you can knock a hole in a man’s head, take chunk of brain out, and not damage thinking much. Excess capacity, messages shunt around. He loses what was destroyed but goes on functioning.
Look at base sketch. Each vertex of each triangle shares self with zero, one, or two other triangles. Where shares one, that’s its link, one direction or both – but one is enough for a multipli-redundant communication net. On corners where sharing is zero, it jumps right to next corner. Where sharing is double, choice again is right-handed.
Now work it with people. Take fourth level, D-for-dog. This vertex is comrade Dan. No, let’s do down one to show three levels of communication knocked out – level E-for-easy and pick comrade Egbert. Egbert works under Donald, has cellmates Edward and Elmer, and has three under him, Frank, Fred, and fatso…but knows how to send message to Ezra on his own level but not in his cell. He doesn’t know Ezra’s name, face, address ,or anything – but has a way, phone number probably, to reach Ezra in emergency.
Now watch it work. Casimir, level three, finks out and betrays Charlie and Cox in his cell, Baker above him, and Donald, Dan, and Dick in subcell, which isolates Egbert, Edward, and Elmer, and everybody under them.
All three report it – redundancy, necessary to any communication system – but follow Egbert’s yell for help. He calls Ezra. but Ezra is under Charlie and is isolated, too. No matter, Ezra relays both messages through his safety link, Edmund. By bad luck Edmund is under Cox, so he also passes it laterally, through Enwright…and that gets it past burned-out part and it goes up through Dover, Chambers, and Beeswax, to Adam, front office…who replies down other side of pyramid, with lateral pass on E-for-easy level from Esther to Egbert and on to Ezra and Edmund. these two messages, up and down, not only get through at once but in way they get through, they define to home office exactly how much damage has been done and where. Organization not only keeps functioning but starts repairing itself at once.

"The Moon is a Harsh Mistress", Robert A. Heinlein, pg. 78-79


  • hierarchical structure


  • improved resistance to infiltration

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