Finally! Someone in the MSM Exposes Bill Gates

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Derrick Broze covers a recent expose by the Columbia Journalism Review which examines Bill Gates’ influence on mainstream media.


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Here is a peace of paper called a patent for the coronavirus in 2014 US . (advanced baboon right of claim of bananas basically) by the Pirbright Institute in the UK.

EU version of the above:

And here is evidence of Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation sponsoring them in 2013 on their own website.


Great info about how these monsters work... since the early 20th century the people have lost repeatedly, they control education, medicine, law and media

People are dying as we speak, their poisonous medicine amounts to the largest genocide in the history of mankind. I see you almost out of the matrix, or web of simple lies... but how much evidence does one need to see to take some kind of action? Example to proof my point:

  1. Bill Gates comes at you with a knife, what do you do?

  2. Bill Gates comes at you with with a smile and toxic injection, what do you do?

Example 2 is the problem, they are coming at us with 2 weapons, 1, the needle 2. The deception part, that second part is the problem why we cannot defend ourselves. We have all been tamed retarded, it's not visible enough but option 2 is far worse then option 1.

We went to their schools, they have trained us to be tamed, read books, don't defend yourself basically and always act kind and fake. The people failed in 1910 when the stock market dckheads took over, will they fail in these years? Yes, we continue to be tamed house mice, yes. Billions will die and suffer, if we don't act now.

P.s. Most people have been tamed retarded by education, a better term in my opinion is accurate knowledge.

Forget the term conspiracy theory, your clearly a factist, don't use that term unless your making everything up.

In the past 20 years, mainstream has been proven to be the worst source of information. Who owns these companies?

We need a big reset man.

P.p.s. These fuckers even partly control language, they have changed words over the centuries and that bring us to another major problem why humanity cannot defend ourselves. LANGUAGE OR COMMUNICATION

We have created a maze of words, some words not even exciting in reality, but have a definition and are printed in books. It's so bad now that we don't understand each other anymore, and bring the rise of word gangsters, honestly most of these people have no brains, they are so tamed so much and study these words so blindly, like god wrote them. Not knowing that half of these words have been modified and may not even exist in reality. Also Creating the illusion that other people thing they are smart for the ability to copy inaccurate knowledge.

I call these kind of words fake words or confusion words. If we are to survive for aeons, we must one day fix our language.

I'm happy mainstream media is taking topics that are not exactly “mainstream”. I'll check out your other post to understand exactly what you are proposing