Trump Promotes Masks, Says Military Will Help Distribute COVID Vaccine

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Derrick Broze checks in for an update on the Trump administration's plans for a COVID19 vaccine and what it means for you.


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I remember when Ronald Reagan said that the scariest words an American could hear was "We're from the government, and we're here to help."

I've seen the US military help people all over the world to democracy, freedom, and prosperity. I don't expect they'll do the job differently here than they did in Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, or Syria. I reckon we should be ready to help them right back.

That's the American way.


I have made some similar comments about the flip-flopping of US officials / Trump admin. concerning the pandemic and measures to mitigate the spread.

The amount of contradictory information coming from the Task Force is completely irresponsible and schizophrenic. This constant flow of conflicting and misleading information is a significant contributor to the spread and mushrooming number of cases within the United States.

This is an understatement but it's disturbing that they are rushing out a vaccine in 'record time' when it's clear that they have botched the management of the pandemic since day 1.

Why should the military be distributing the vaccine as well?
What could go wrong? ... remember when the military administered DDT to new recruits for lice? ... 40 years on, it was banned.

Thanks for shouting out Hive Derrick!