Thousands of Nurses and Teachers Fired - Can The Counter-Economy Save Them?

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Derrick Broze reports on the thousands of nurses and teachers being fired around the United States for not submitting to vaxx mandates or vaxx passports. What can we do to prevent this loss of knowledge and experience? Can the Counter-Economy save these workers?


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I support the nurses who walk out over mandates.
I don't think "counter" economy is the right way to think of it. There are many economies, all the time. This is just yet another economy - one where passports are not required. Saying it's "counter" makes this into a false dichotomy. I'm not sure what the best term is, however.

I use the term counter-economy in reference to agorism. I encourage you to check out the sources below the video and read the short essay on the counter economy for a better understanding.