FrolicBlock 2023 Web3 Event Highlights Hive & DBuzz

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The highly anticipated FrolicBlock event in Mati City was a resounding success last June 9, 2023, with Hive and DBuzz gaining attention from the locals in Mati City and the blockchain community across the Philippines.

About FrolicBlock

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FrolicBlock aims to promote Dahican Beach, Mati City as the premiere destination for blockchain and Web3 gatherings in the Philippines. It is part of the Tourism activities initiated by the blockchain community of Mati City and Davao City in support of the Local Government's Tourism promotional efforts.

The organizers, MAD Project and @davaodeficom, said that the event is perfect for blockchain professionals or anyone interested in learning from industry leaders in the blockchain sector. The event was the first trial run of combining a Web3 event with the internationally-acclaimed SummerFrolic Dance and Music Festival in Mati City.

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Executive Assistant of the Mayor.Local Press Agency.

FrolicBlock 2023 was triggered by an Official Press Conference at around 2:00 PM on June 9, 2023. The press conference was attended by the local news media outlets in Mati City and Davao City, the City Information Office, the Executive Assistant of the City Mayor, national government agencies in charge of security, and the major sponsors of the event, one of them being the Hive blockchain, represented by @nathansenn and @chrisrice.

During the Press Conference, Nathan Senn highlighted the importance of Blockchain Technology and common problems of censorship among popular Web2-based social media. He explained how Hive is solving these issues and presented a decentralized solution through a myriad of Decentralized Apps (DApps) built on top of the Hive Blockchain.

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Chris Rice emphasized the importance of Web3 for peer-to-peer transactions, the next innovations of the Internet, and the opportunities not just for big corporations but also for individuals here in the Philippines.

Also in attendance during the FrolicBlock Press Conference were representatives from the crypto exchange website BitGet, and Web3 gaming platform XWinner.

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Before starting the event.Start of FrolicBlock.

Mati City Executive Assistant to Mayor Michelle Rabat, Mr. Allan Andrada graced the press conference as he offered his appreciation for the sponsors and the Web3 communities for choosing Mati as the venue of the FrolicBlock event, as part of their commitment of support, they asked national security agencies such as the Philippine National Police, the Philippine Army, and the Philippine Coast Guard to ensure the security of tourists, guests and the key leaders of various Web3 companies.

Aside from the FrolicBlock event, the City government was also preparing for the yearly popular dance and music festival SummerFrolic and the celebration of the 16th anniversary of the Cityhood of Mati, Davao Oriental. Mati City also celebrates the 22nd Year of the Pujada Bay Festival, the bay was even awarded and recognized as one of the world's best bays by the Paris-based Les Plus Belles Baies Du Monde (The Most Beautiful Bays in the World) Club, a UNESCO-supported club.

Before the keynote speeches and talks by blockchain industry leaders, there were games and a series of activities with one of the highlights being the onboarding segment of Web3 users.

With a total of four stations, the Hive Onboarding Station (DBuzz) was first, followed by a station for BitGet, and then the Web3 Game station featuring XWinner, Gym Street, and the NFT minting station. Each section was needed to proceed to the next section and Hive was highlighted because of its booth placement.

Aside from the four stations, the organizers provided a registration booth so the attendees would know what the event was all about.

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The Hive and DBuzz booth, otherwise known as Station One, was the most well-attended booth, not only because of the availability of Hive merchandise we offered but because it was the first step to joining the event.

The team made it easy for newbies to onboard to Hive, all the potential users had to do was submit a phone number, and as soon as they got their keys, they were encouraged to make their first buzz on the blockchain by using #Hive, #DBuzz, #FrolicBlock, and #Summerfrolic as hashtags.

More videos of the event, the Press Conference, and a Panel discussion with HIVE is on the way. Stay tuned.

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Thanks for sharing highlights of the event.

It's amazing how events like this bring Hive and web3 to the attention of the public. Sounds like a fun and cool event, with the bonus of onboarding new Hive users.

🤩 I can feel the excitement

This is awesome!

Congratulations to the @dbuzz team. @nathansenn and @chrisrice. It looks like you had a great time. Thank you for sharing Hive in such a professional way!

Thank you @eddiespino!

We appreciate all your support and will do our best to help you, the SPK team, and all of HIVE build and thrive.

Hive is Web3.