Neputa Festival photography scene clips.

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In this video I share a video clip of my photography footage. It’s a cool feature the canon M50 aka the Canon KissM has. I didn’t even realize I turned on the feature but I’m glad I did. I’m posting here on 3speak as I didn’t want this content to go to waste and also fellow Hiver wanted to hear what the festival sounded like. In the video you can see my point of view of framing for the various shots I took which you can also view in my previous post. Enjoy!

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It is good to know that you posted it on here
The girls are very good at what they do
Nice video!

At some point I will need to delete it from my phone and camera 📷 so it's good it stays here. Thanks for stopping by!

Gad to see all these girls perform very well. I love this music. Thanks for sharing.

Yeah! They did a great job and looked like they really enjoyed it. Thanks for watching!

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