CHROMA-GEDDON with the Sleepy Circuits Hypno

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Prepare to get Hyno-tized as I bust out the green duct tape and get arts and crafts on the modular rack itself. This one minute highlight was cut from about the two hour mark of my latest session which was originally intended to be somber mixing of serious business ambient mood music and, blame it on the lights, quickly escalated into some techno worthy of the generative lighting raving out my feed. Shoutout to Michael's Arts and Crafts for giant rolls of green paper and aforementioned green duct tape. Such profesh.

For those interested, the Sleepy Circuits Hypno is a eurorack format video synthesizer that accepts the voltages already bouncing around your system and generates vocals responsive to whatever is happening systemwide. The feedback matrix within is where all the magic happens and it strikes the perfect balance of performance accessibility and depth of function that brings me back to it every session ... I catch myself "jamming" on the video synth midstream for minutes at a time. Some amount of preset saving is availible and I look forward to loading it with a number of scenes I can switch to during big musical swing moments as opposed to my current technique of turning the feedback all the way and going ham on the buttons. Can't imagine where I got those habits from. I'm looking at you Echophon. I'm also looking at you Space Echo. Ok I'm looking at most of my gear. You guys rule.

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This is cool! I didn’t know you could do that type of stuff to produce synthetic music. How awesome lol

The lights were super cool as well.

Thanks @cmplxty and thanks for the reblog!

Hi drumoperator,

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