Melinda Gates and CNN beg for heavier vaccine censorship

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Be careful who you listen to for information.

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This lesson is provided to us today by state media and a trillionaire eugenicist's wife.

Meanwhile, risk of death discovered within first 24 hours of public vaccinations in UK.



I agree with her.

Disinformation does equal death,
but usually just slavery.

It's the implication that's hilarious.

It's being heavily implied that finding accurate information is easy and trusted institutions are bountiful.
We would never be in a situation like this in the first place if that idea had any inkling of truth to it.

Do you know why 3Speak posts revert back to original form after a few weeks? :(

Barf! Those sick fucks. Disgusting puppet figurehead actors. Sellouts against the rest of humanity!

The propaganda is thicker than her nose! They're grasping at's awkward to watch. Once you know what they're really about and see past all the bullshit, it's really scary how much they care about Africans. They're laying it on a little too thick pretending to care so much about black people.

Somebody toss these 2 (and Bon H.) in a deep pit!

What about all the millions they injured and killed, they never mention that, and I think that's because they have respect for the dead. Especially dead black people!

All information must be safe and equitable? Where does she make up these rules?!

Sounds like a prelude to saying govt needs more control to keep us safe.

She acts too hard: big, fake, exaggerated facial expressions. Everything she says is either laughable or cringe-worthy.

Heheh yeah, it has all been planned out in advance. The questions were ultra-softball and always leading in the direction they both want: censorship of the people.

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