SarsCov2 Vaccine Facts

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Did you know the coming injection contains brand new untested medical technology, inserting viral RNA to reprogram your cells?

Here is some important information about the coronavirus vaccine being rushed out. It can easily be verified by dozens of mainstream sources. I've gathered it here to draw attention to the situation, and so that you can share this clip to help inform others.

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Novel untested vaccine for an unlethal disease? How could I lose?!


.......................... Why I laugh?

DNA changes from radiation therapy (which manifest as cancer) start to arise 5-30 years after treatment. I want to see tons of data from unbiased, longitudinal studies in 30 years before I'll touch that. I'd rather fight the damn virus myself if I haven't already - I think it's more treatable and survivable than a mystery drug that's bypassed clinical trials. I can't believe even so-called medical professionals and scientists aren't speaking up about this and saying that the risk far outweigh the benefits of this.

Whether the risks outweigh the benefits is up for debate, but in some circles that debate is silenced and "the science is settled". We should be allowed to have the debate and weigh the risks/benefits for ourselves. Having the state decide there's no debate is tyranny.

Spending the money we wasted on masks, on Vitamin D might have gone a long way early on.

I know that I'm not interested in getting the vaccine until there's a lot more information available about it's safety...

Lots of information about safety will be provided in a few weeks. Of course, it won't (and can't) have any long-term information about safety, so we won't know what happens until it does. Those who take the vaccine in the first 20 years or so are the guinea pigs.

No Covid vaccine for me.

Excellent presentation - ReHived!!