Picking Up Furniture For A Friend

in Threespeak6 months ago

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A friend and her posse is riding through my dessert town of Las Vegas for a Convention. I volunteered to pick up the goods!

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good to see you active again. 😀

!giphy good job


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Great job with the threespeak app sir!


You are welcome.

I'll keep up the good work & keep motivating content creators by distributing HivePower.
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Hey Bhattg! Bro, I have been so incredibly busy realigning my life. So much of my energy has been allocated to standing up for myself and career since coming back to Vegas.

With the dust settling in my favor, I am ready to start posting on Hive again. It is just that my computer is in Oregon and posting on Hive will be slightly inconvenient.

@sagarkothari88 and company has made great progress with 3speak and the threespeak app. As a result you should start seeing more of me!

Sorry for being inactive sir!


$PIZZA slices delivered:
@bhattg(6/10) tipped @dynamicgreentk