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RE: How to earn cryptocurrency upvotes on [ENG-ESP]

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Thank you for your comment!

What if during day 1 of the uploaded videos life, the video doesn’t have very many views or comments.
on Day 2/3/4/5/6/7 the video gets many views and comments.

We have thought about this. Something that I forgot to mention is that around 20% of the curation is done manually. This means that if someone is creating great videos and we notice that the automatic system is not giving enough upvotes, or as you say, the video is getting views after a couple of days, we can vote some of the content manually. We could even nominate it for a nice OCD vote.

It would be nice to have other rewarding methods in the feature. For videos getting viral after the 7-day payout, we have a donation system that lets users donate other cryptos besides Hive. I think the @spknetwork could help with this with the creators' tokens.

Also, I spoke once about the possibility of having evergreen content. When I find a post that has already more than 7 days or even 24 hours, but I really want to reward the author, what I have done is make a comment under the post, ask them something, and then I vote the reply.


That's fantastic that you all are able to still manually curate some. I know it requires a lot of time to pull something like that off consistently.

Donations and tips are an excellent option for post-payout rewards.
Yes indeed, I remember some talk about evergreen content before. I actually think I may have commented back then as well. That does make a ton of sense.

Those are great answers to my questions. Hopefully, others will see this and benefit from it.

Thank you @daltono!

With the manual curation, the idea is to motivate users that are starting, and maybe they still don't have enough engagement and views.