Clip Of The Day 5/16/23 🎙️ Never Forget What They Did To Us! (Media/BigPharma/Government)

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Clip Of The Day (from No Agenda)

then my comments..

YouTube deleted my commentary
video! 😡

I’ll repost something later. Next time I will record it and edit it within the clip of the day. All on 3Speak to avoid this! I thought by now I could speak truth but I guess not…

Bottom line it’s now beyond proven we were right. The facts were in by early 2021 but now we have far more time and data and know what we already did
The vaccines are beyond scary dangerous. And the media and powers that be tried to ruin us. Don’t forget! And anyone who was on other side of debate I respect u much! I just ask you look at the facts if you still don’t see it.

The hate in the media and government figures voices in this clip must not be forgotten! They’ll try their dehumanizing campaign again if they don’t even see how wrong or evil it was the first go around post 2020. Masks don’t work and MRNA vaccines don’t work. I’d they did it would still be insanity to treat free peoples this way for making there own medical decisions. The truth is our government (USA) had much to do with funding this virus 🦠. If you weren’t aware of this it’s 100% fact! Anthony Fauci oversaw it and kept it a secret while he was in charge of much of the response! They ruined lives… we just legally make these people pay!


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It sucks to hear that they deleted your video but they have been doing that for a while now.

Nice good thoughts to create this video again, best of luck.

Why will YouTube delete a video that does not have a bad content?
That's crazy

Because it goes against big pharmaceutical companies

Yea that’s pretty common.

Mostly peoples believes that vaccines are scary and dangerous. Most of them avoid to use this.