Deep Dive on HIVE Crypto - Web 3.0 Decentralized Social Media

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Here are the timestamps for the video:
7:30 Censorship Resistance
23:03 Learning Curve for Using Hive
35:20 How Hive Works
58:03 The Main dApps
1:27:28 3Speak LARYNX Coin Free Air Drop
1:31:50 Best Security Practices
1:39:25 In Conclusion

Join my Hive community “Hermetic Hive”:

Read about many of the most commonly asked questions about Hive:

Checkout this site that ranks dApps by popularity and other metrics:

Learn more about the 3Speak token air drop coming up in Q2 of 2021:

This is a great podcast that goes over the essential nature of using a password manager:

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At ~15 minute mark but best definition of decentralization that I have heard is can you fork it. Hive community proved that it is a workable definition. It's a great crypto story imo.

I have some of those books in my bookshelf!

Ah yes, that's an important point!

Yay! 🤗
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