HiQ Smartcast №52 | Weekly HIVE News

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Welcome to the 52nd episode of HiQ Smartcast! This is the HiQs Flash №9 in audible form brought to you by @solymi. HIVESTYYYYLE



00:00 - Intro


01:03 - STORY OF THE WEEK (@incublus)

01:44 - APPS & TOOLS

03:32 - COMMUNITY (Hive's Zealy Marketing Campaign & Join the Campaign!)

07:20 - HIVESTYLE FOR HIVIANS (COFFEE Post made by @zottone444, DACH Secret Santa, New Oneup Frontend & @miketr's advent calendar)

11:25 - GIVEAWAY

13:00 - X OF THE WEEK


14:23 - Disclaimer

14:50 - Outro

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Besides @solymi, we also have to thank the musical artists. Therefore we are dropping HIVESTYYYYLE credits to @ravenmus1c & Panda Beats Music for the track Red Hills.

Thank you for listening and until next time...

Team HiQ

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Both the show with @quekery & @smooms and the interview with @felixxx were great. I really enjoyed them both, I love answering such fun questions!



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