Thursday Night Live - The Key To Know, Like & Trust!

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We've heard this speech a million times before....

To get people to do business with you they need to know, like and trust you!

Easier said than done...

We can get them to know us, through social media, email marketing, blogging on the blockchain...That stuff is the 'easy' answer...

Trust takes time to develop and must be earned....

But getting people to like you....

That's the challenge. Because you can't 'buy' likes....Genuine likes!

So we went over some strategies this week to turn that potential lead and subscriber, into someone who actually wants to spend time around you and your businesses....

We hope you enjoy the show :)

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That was really usefull stuff. When I break it down to Hive, I believe we can start by answering every comment to show appreciation and to aknowledge people.

Blows my mind...The content that gets the most rewards, rarely have good engagement and the author or creator barely responds to their audience...I think the least we can do is reply to people.

Most of those are sleeping autovotes, and Hive "curation" curve is responsible for it.
I hope with time it will change.

I think it will...We're still a 'baby' when you think about it...4 years old! Lots of growth to happen yet here...

Darn, I really miss live webinars, but I have some crazy schedule that I get up at 6:30 AM, so going to bed at 3 AM (after the webinar), isn't enough to get a decent sleep... :(

Anyways, watched this video + FB "specials"... and just for the record, I have received my mug in a "normal" timeframe (as it wasn't shipped from Canada... lol...)
The gimbal was a different story... but, hey... it works! Using it every day! Thanks!

LOL Yeah man, only took a few months...But glad to know it finally did arrive lol

Great show man, and really great advice about building Know, Like and Trust, really very important.

Thank you sir. Yeah it's something that comes up a lot, but something we can all improve upon!

Trust is most important word

yessir, takes a long time to earn it and minutes to lose it....So important for our journeys!

Thanks man, appreciate you and everything you are doing for this community!!

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Great video guys have a blessed one