Why Dan Invests in Hive ft They Call Me Dan

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In this clip from my podcast with They Call Me Dan, Dan explains why he decided to go big on Hive, the social media cryptocurrency.

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Hive run by a community, and its ecosystem is the future.

@tipu curate

This is the right speed for community growth. His thesis is very fast and profitable ...

That man called Dan I always admire his vision, courage and focus towards some things

He outlines a good thesis, I like how quickly the community managed to fork away and get hive up and running.

For sure, very impressive speed!

I'm trying to watch this on the Brave Browser for some reason I can't

So You Invest at Hive.....!

I hope he's right.

But with all of the never ending drama in this space I doubt that masses will participate to Hive or even consider.

Hive is becoming in the new internet era, we are the evolution of steem couldn't be, this is us make the crypto social of blockchain industry.

Definitely more bullish on Hive than Steem at this point that's for certain. Cheers