The Dramatic Birth of Hive ft They Call Me Dan | Crypto Investing with Louis Thomas Ep #3

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In this episode of the Cryptocurrency Investing podcast, we'll be talking to They Call Me Dan about the very contentious origins of Hive, the web 3.0 social media protocol.

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Awesome stuff....The longer we go, the more this story will go down as a legend in crypto!

Still love hearing it, without that drama..Hive wouldn't be here!

Awesome stuff guys, thanks for doing this! Really enjoyed it.

Thank you Jon! I really do believe this is one of the great stories in all of crypto history. Glad that I was able to shed light on it with one of the key players

For sure...It'll go down in history :) Appreciate it and the support you have shown HIVE as well.

Was a fun talk. Cheers, Louis!

Nice haircut, did you lose a bet?

Ah, nostalgia :D

lmao my wife cut my hair because of the lockdown and everything is closed. #QuarantineHaircut

I go with the Kojak look to preempt nature.

No worries about haircuts during lockdown.

My hair is out of control as well.
I'm about to buzz-cut it down to a 4.

Haha my haircut was after we binge watched the entire 6 seasons of Vikings lol. I told her, give me the Bjorn!

Snap, I've only seen like the first 3 seasons... there are 6 now? lol

ya man. they only showed half the sixth season still waiting to see how it ends.

Nothing wrong with a close cut/shave! At least one my books... but I have been bald for over 2 decades now! 🤔

Thank you for sparing me some your time Dan, really appreciate it!

I used to post original music recorded in my studio EXCLUSIVELY ont YT. I got my only viral video taken down with the Dec 2019 crypto purge for including my Basic Attention Token referral link in the video description. I appealed but never got a response.
I've since moved to Threespeak thank you to @theycallmedan who's also been awesome in supporting my content.

It was a privilege hearing the story of the breakup straight from the source.

as I was listening to the conversation, I literally sold some Steem and powered up HIVE. :)

thank you guys for sharing your knowledge.

I'm really sorry to hear about what happened to you! I can relate. I was recently banned from YouTube for a week. Censorship sucks :(

great interview ! And yes hive has taken birth dramatically but now everyone can see that it is thriving day by day. And yes @theycallmedan played major role for this.

I just gave this podcast a listen @louisthomas! Fantastic interview! I have listened to all three and given you a 5 star rating! Keep it up! You are on a roll!

⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

Big shout out to dan the man or as he’s known here and everywhere @theycallmedan It was really inspiring to hear about your crypto mindset especially in regard to the inception of Hive. I’m glad to be here among the ranks and I look forward to joining you on 3Speak soon! #HighFive 🙌

I learn something new with every interview of @theycallmedan but specifically here you asked some questions we haven't covered before.

Great interview lads, really enjoyed that and learned a lot even though I've been trying to keep up with how things unfolded myself on the day-to-day! Great advice at the end, thanks for taking the time to do it!

was really worth watching

Thank you for this interesting interview! 😎

I was the one who asked for this podcast in the comments, thank you!

Thank you for the suggestion!

Hey @louisthomas, Yes You are not Dan. I CallMeDan is kind person also vote my post. I love your videos and I am your fun. I am new to 3Speak and I am catching up. @CallMeDan is so young.. and handsome. I love @hive. and I am here to stay.

Apologise. I want to say @theycallmedan

The guy is a genius i would say, I saw one of his last tweet about the fact that he had almost all his investment in cryptocurrency and I can see if is right to have done that. Hive's birth, one must credit him for that. 3speak with the ideas of giving users freedom

Dan's a smart and capable guy, that's for sure 🙂

He is surely capable I have no doubt in any of his project. I listened to the audio clip when he was addressing Justinsun concerning the future of steem then now hive with other witnesses contributing their own quota to the success and birth of hive that we have today. thanks for the response

Great and passionate interview with a lot of good crypto and life hacks :) great time to be a hiver <3

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Very extraordinary explanation, so anyone who saw it would be very helpful in that regard. Thank you very much for the information, I hope your days are always fun .... Kawan! 👍👍👍

This is a great interview. Appreciate how honest and clear Dan is with his opinions.

Really Louis Thomas is obsessed with getting smarter about cryptocurrencies.

really great to have you on board Dan, we can make a difference here 💪