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RE: Instagram Banned @CryptoFinally & @Coruscate - Livestream

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Just a comment on the recent drama:

It's usual for Hive users to complain about getting downvotes. But downvotes are necessary for our ecosystem.

There are many users here like you. We don't force anyone to support or work for Hive. If you support Hive, listen to its community and its stakeholders.

I would suggest taking all the feedback you got from the community and raising the quality of your content.

Also, if you make personal troubles, you have to solve them by yourself. We don't have the police here.


I am pointing to the issue of larger adoption. You will not reach it behaving this way. That's what I'm saying. This is a problem, whether or not the current community wants to acknowledge it. You are keeping people out.

Working on a decentralized blockchain without a CEO is not easy. You have to take all the input from the community and consensus opinions will get implemented.

I agree that if rewards are the only reason for being here, then someone may leave without getting rewards.

I hope you understand why we accept downvotes as a fact. There might be a need for adjustments but the whole idea IMO is not bad.

We as a community are glad to receive feedback from anyone. You can make posts with your ideas about Hive and the community definitely will look into the good ideas.

Just saying nobody in here is enemy with other users. Of course, there might be drama sometimes but overall, the community appreciates each other.

I'm not sure anyone cares about keeping out some wannabe teenage looking crypto bimbo...

You've done nothing for Hive but use it to cash out.


Go away little boy.


Isn't this fun? Wasting your time when you could be "influencing" those fake twitter followers?

I can keep going if you'd like...

How many of my photos do you have saved in your phone lmao

Oh, this came from another one of your fans. I prefer real women.

That photo is so HOT! I'm glad he is sharing it! You're getting promoted via unlikely sources, Bonus!

So what could she do differently that would make you not want to downvote, or leave disparaging comments?

She's going to receive downvotes until she actually does something for Hive to deserve the rewards she's been handed in the past.

As long as she's talking shit about Hive while not even fucking understanding it, she's going to receive the comments she does. She's a drama queen, wannabe model failure who decided she could get into crypto and hopefully be the pretty one while still being dumb as a pile of bricks (see her comments about Hive for evidence of her ignorance). She doesn't even respect the people who built Hive and continue to push it forward today.

Fuck her. It's time to her to go.

I was advocating for Hive everywhere. I was not talking shit without understanding it. The only reason I'm bringing up this negativity is because of you. This is all because of you.

You're a fucking attention whore, that's the REAL reason, don't blame me.

But she was advocating for hive though. Isn't that a good thing regardless of her dress?

She says she has been shilling hive for a while.

Totally agree, what these people fail to see beyond their own agenda -

A single downvote would probably result in this person never returning. Another potential great content creator spreading the word that HIVE is a platform that has censorship based on someones feelings.

Note: if a content creator receives

  • no followers
  • no views
  • bad feedback

It is obvious they need to reassess how to use this platform in order to succeed in what it is they are trying to achieve.

I didn't come here to support Hive, or its eco-system as you so put it. I came here to support content creators.

Who asked you to support the Hive?
What is stopping you? Power up some hive and support your content creators.
I'm not stopping anybody from anything. Nobody can do that.
I'm sorry if I offended you by giving a suggestion to another person.

Goodluck. Don't need to answer me.