Onion Flower Carving Garnish "my timelapse video"

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Hello everyone!
In this video I will show you how I make flower garnish made from onion, I'm practicing fruit and vegetable carving almost a year now, and I can say that this onion flower garnish is one of the easiest vegetable carving you can practice especially if you have no experience in this kind of skill. And also this onion flower is the one of the fastest garnish to make you can make one in just a couple of minutes so if you want a beautiful and easy to make food decoration you can try to make this one.


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I loved eating raw union especially the white one, taste like apple. But it's more mouth watering when it comes in different design. Galing mo sir... Idol.

Nah! I don't like eating only raw onion haha, but I like it with other veggies or in salad haha, by the way thank you for dropping, ^^

I hope to see more awesome stuff from you sir. Thank you for sharing, someone like me can learn for free.

thank you also for appreciating this, sure i will try to do some amazing stuffs very often ^^

That really amazing sir.

That was satisfying to watch! You got some marvelous skills, kuya! Well done, I'm a fan!!!

thank you, this one is very easy, for sure you can also make this haha