Go pro 8 Time lapse testing - Little MONSTER- wish me luck in the new project

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I just got new Go pro 8 Black action camera and I decided to test it from my window because I plan to use it in 6 month construction project. The camera will be on 12 meter pier with no access. But the benefits of this little monster is that can hold sd card of 256 GB and the time lapse intervals are from 1 second to 1 hour.
Of course I have to provide electricity because no camera can run continually for 6 months :)
Another great feature is that I can control the camera remotely from the ground, as I said I will have no access for 6 months. Hope that everything will be fine and that I will not have issues with over heating or storms, birds in this period of time. I am very exited about this project and hope to have opportunity to share this 6 months continues construction video here with you guys.
Wish me luck.

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WOW - I'm really curious now how this is going to turn out for you!
Fingers crossed! 🤞 😉 😀