80 Free promotional Hive animations - my donation to the Hive community

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Even I can not believe how many promotional videos I made. I just know that I spent many hours in rendering and producing them. I am still motivated even though I am not rewarded financially as I would be in the civil world. But I am dedicated to Hive platform and to the whole idea of decentralized blockchain so thzis is why I am sharing it with you guys for free.
So here they are.

Leo Finance intro animation

Story of Hive Community

Hive sign in the sky

3 Speak Weekly

3Speak enabled download feature

Developed for Web 3.0

Sketch Ink Hive Logo Reveal Animation

Dancing Teddy Bear - Hive animation

HIVE -Center of Attention

Hive is on Fire - Dragon Breath -vol 2

Hive -Futuristic Touch

Hive - Blockchain superhero full of fantastic stories -Marvel logo animation

3Speak Citizen Journalism Promo

3Speak Video Awards Intro Animation

HIVE - A Place Where Technology Meet Community

You Get What You Deserve - Hive Commercial

Hive is on Fire - Dragon Breath version

Hive - Pokemon Go animation

3D printing 3D Hive logo and Grand plans with it

We are Hive army – Hive family

3 Speak - Blockchain Blockbuster

Game of Shadows

Hive -Creative lab - portal to creativity

3d HIVE animation - Fast.-Scalable- Powerful video

3speak early MTV style commercial

Just Happy Hive animation promo

Hive coffee

Sand watch -Steem to Hive animation

Gallery in the wind

3 speak -Film studios series - Walt Disney intro style

City Lights Logo animation - Join the revolution

Free Animated Lower Thirds & Banners for 3Speak Vlogers

Hive Barcode animation

Happy Bee welcomes you to the world of Hive - Free Animation

HIVE - The Arrival

Hive - GAME ON ( animation dedicated to Hive gaming community)

Hive -The war child animation

Hive - A place where good ideas turn into crypto

Message from the basement

3Speak - Paramount Pictures intro animation

Hive Buzzwords animation

Greetings from Hive via Postcard

Hive trailer / teaser with over voice

3Sstudios - 3D video animation

Architect Hive logo design animation

HIve- Out of chains -Out of Tyranny

Hive-World of HeX - animation

HIVE- listed on every exchange - Coming soon

Hive - superior technology

HIVE - Established 2020 - Credits to Creators/Witnesses

Hive hits Justin like lightning - Logo animation

Hive - Your online entertainment

Hive solar system

HIVE -Sky is the limit -animation

Countless migration - Demonstration

Hive Ecosystem -video presentation

3 Speak Witness


3 Speak -Graffiti on the wall

3 speak - Branding -Marketing -Promotion

3speak -Freedom of Speech

HIVE - Happy Independence Day -Fireworks video animation

HIVE -New sunrise -Welcome new born

Steem community migration process towards HIVE

Rebranding away from STEEM -Transforming video

The Hive is LAUNCHED

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