Making of children's choir music video

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This is one of my favorite projects ever! I film and edit videos for long time now, but making this one I really enjoyed. The name of this song is 100 questions per hour and the main singer is only 6 year old.
She played her role excellent :) I know that you do not understand Croatian language but I had to brag with the result.

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super je ovo, klinci su super.

snimao do sad 2 peseme s klincima, kako oni sve to dozivljavaju je fenomenalno.

Je, baš sam uživao. Stvarno su genijalni, 90% je njihovih ideja.

Mislim isto!

Genijalno, Oleg! Baš, genijalno!
You did it more than well, and now I know why you haven't been around for some while! 😉 😀

Hvala:) Totalno sam se ufurao.
Thank you, I was all into it!