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We don't want to put too much information here, as we want everyone to enjoy the trailer to the fullest.
A lot has been said on peakd, and HIVE.BLOG about or road map, and our plans for PSYBER X.
We plan on being the biggest blockchain game yet in the industry, and help from the amazing HIVE community we will surely achieve this!

LVL token can be found on the hive engine here:

Or on the LEO DEX here:

All posts about PSYBER X & LVL token are below:

We are excited to also announce a few seperate items that will transpire over the next coming month:

    • We will building out of first NFT for PSYBER X - it will be a founder edition that will be redeemable in game. (Details to follow in the coming weeks, but there will be a limited quantity and the amount of lvl a wallet owns will help for the drop)
    • We are setting up a tribal dex frontend for posting/blogging rewards of lvl token that will reward people for talking about PSYBER X, and LVL token

Thank you everyone for your support so far, and we look forward to kicking this into high gear with you.
Make sure to join us on discord:

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Always skeptical if I read something like that. In the years there were many games that wanted to build here. Only Splinterlands ( because of the strong team and real hustlers) has become a huge success. Most give up in the building period.

It's not because I want to FUD the team, is to be careful with invest in something early :)

To the team, I wish you the best to have success here :)

Hey, we built our own foundation.
We’re here for a passion, and we’ll exist long afterwards.
You should see the plans I have for this in the future.

How did you like the trailer by the way?

it's cool :) A Fortnite-style game means battle royale right? Avg love that game, so if made nice it could be a home run :)

I think the potential is big and hive is the right place to build it.

That’s why we’re here.
Let’s upgrade to the next level of blockchain gaming… together 👍

they have unity hive , telos AND wax, how can they fail? if they really open source the game up and find some existing games and tie the game in with tipcc and tipit and discord and theres o limit, of course development may be slow at first but dude, look what splinterlands made lol we can use teh same people


I don't say it's bad or chances are bad. But time has killed a lot of projects. And Splinterlands is really strong. Survive bearmarket and chainsplit. Really strong


Trailer looks good😁 Are you planning future trailers, where we maybe are able to get more of an idea concerning the gameplay...
Looks like my LVL tokens could become a great investment..😁

Absolutely. We plan on showing the community all updates of gameplay as we progress

wanna submit a @telosnetwork proposal ?

looks fantastic and really professional!

Thank you so much!

Maybe we can disclose about the team members and their background in your next post

That was the plan.
We will be making a break down of our full history…
It’s quite exciting.

the trailer images are very good, congratulations

The trailer was worth the wait . I can not wait to see how this game develops.
Got to keep stacking LVL to help support this game everyone.

This is really cool, I'll be following your progress!

The man himself. I’m new here, but I’ve heard a bit about you.
I’d love to have a conversation if your schedule allows.

welcome! hmu on beechat, I use for it

Guilty sent me your discord.
I sent a request on there.
Bee chat is not working for me

ur gonna be popular here....hey whats the telegram / discord?

Right here friend

Wow, impressive trailer and roadmap. Can't wait to see the launch of your game.
Best of luck!

It means a lot! Thank you so much!

Neat and Fabulous.
Bring it up ;)

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@tipu curate

The bullshot looks interesting. Know a decent chunk of people in the industry. Who is behind the game?

Not sure exactly what you mean, but thanks? I think?

We are.
You seem interesting too 👍

Trying to figure out who the developers are to gauge the risks associated.

This looks great! Can't wait for more details to come.

Get ready.

can i talk about adding some easter eggs ? I want to drop nft links in game to private easteer egg discord links to play irl minigames etc or attend live discord music stuff

Woah, looks amazing! Can't wait to hear more

Thanks for the support.
Stay tuned for more!

excelente trabajo e iniciativa, espero terminen pronto, les sigo, saludos.

ariba! ariba! nuevo gobierno cyberpunk de VZ

Great to see this trailer! The game looks phenomenal! Looking forward to seeing more going forward.

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Since doing some more research on this I am hesitant about my previous endorsement. I am adding this additional comment to encourage everyone to check into things before you dive in and buy up a bunch of LVL tokens. I bought 150k and sold already after digging in.

Don't get me wrong the trailer looks great! But I don't see much actual gameplay footage here and there isn't much clarity about how the game will be structured or how it will play.

The team is shilling NFTs and LVL tokens to drive sales- but it seems like a lot of those sales are being used to fund further advertisement more than development. That has me concerned- as does a closed/failed kickstarter campaign.

I may miss the boat on this one- and by all means please prove me wrong... but I would rather see evidence of development and concrete details of what the intended game will be before I jump back in.


Awesome trailer!

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Can I earn from staking lvl in my hive engine ? How can I play to earn here ? Thx

That's a beautiful game. Looking forward to seeing the finished product.

Thank you so much for the support!

i wanna put a bunch of hive engine, telos, ufo, grimes and startrek q mythology easter eggsin the game, so im buying lotsof LVL to be an influence


Hahah! Yes!