Having "Scortched" Conch Bahamas

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Conch is a native delicacy in The Bahamas.

A Conch is a sea snail and it belongs to the gastropod mollusks family. The shells are recognized by their large spiral shape and fan like opening, the bigger the "lip", the older the Conch is. You should not harvest young ones!
Conchs are usually found in warm tropical regions in the sandy seagrass bed. In The Bahamas the meat is a delicacy, the texture differs depending on how it's prepared. In my video it's raw obviously but if you prefer it cooked that's fine as well as conch is versatile, you can make raw or cooked salads, slice or beat it for frying, stews, curries and steam. The taste and texture is commonly compared to calamari or clams. The shell can be used as a musical instrument or crafted into jewelry and different art work.


My family is the number one supplier of conch in our area. I have received and sold tons and tons... BUT I have never seen it taken from the shell or prepared lol. This was an interesting watch.

Nice!! Conch is a popular delicacy among locals and visitors alike, unless you have shell fish allergies. It's said to be an afrodisiac 😎