Passport 2 Tyranny

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In the name of safety they have implemented a health passport system but what does it look like? The so called conspiracy theorists warned about this for a long time but the "experts" and the media brushed it off. Lets hear what's happening in Israel and then listen to a gentleman that explains what tyranny looks like in the new abnormal.
Do not be swayed by the continuous propaganda attacks. Think for yourself, stay positive, live and inspire! :)

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The Suez Canal debacle is for rolling out a new transit line (competitor) that will be replacing Egypt's Suez Canal with a high-speed train that goes through #Israel (starts at port Eilat).

#China, Israel and Saudi Arabia are deeply involved. China has been allowed to build the high-speed train system and Saudi Arabia has been getting ready by building a mega-city called #NEOM on the coast of the Red Sea (near port Eilat).

This is necessary for their New World Order economy to work.


@fulltimegeek it's incredibly crazy how deep the plot goes 😕 thanks for sharing this video 👍