Haaaa, your like... no no. Im not using the jade. Lolololol. You wanted the water bottle. :( It didn't take off my make up either; the face wash. I like the eye shadow and that I got that BB Cream so I cant wait to try it. I haven't tried it yet. I want that CBD Cream. Lolol. You and that stone. Your so funny. Youre like, "im not gonna use it". Lolololol. I love the lip color. It matches the shadow well. Im still stuck on you saying

if you went to a place and they did it for you. Maybe. Lolololol

I knew it wasnt going to thrill you once i saw what you got. I may still try the lux

Ohhhhhh, You really would have loved this box. I am really happy I tried everything out though to see how good stuff was that otherwise, I would not have liked.

But yes, I have already block that jade stone thingy out of my head! Hahahahaha

I read your comment and was like what Jade thing?......... Ohhhhhhhh :D

If you can I would try it.



Of course. I had to try

haaaaaaaaa, you're hilarious 🤣 😆 😂

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