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Taro y Capa

This song covers the story of two lovers. In 1933 they met. Photography united them and turned them into one of the most important couples in the history of photo-reportage.

Gerda Pohorylle, better known as Gerda Taro, arrived in Paris fleeing from Nazism. There, she managed to work as a typist. At that time Taro met André Friedmann, a photographer. He taught her what he knew and she learned... She taught him what she knew and he learned. They managed to be the eyes of the war and through photojournalism they told the world what was happening on the battlefield.


Since life as photographers did not meet their financial needs, Gerda proposed to André to create Robert Capa, who was supposedly a renowned photographer who came from the United States to work in Europe. This fictional character got so famous that he sold his photos through his representatives: Friedmann and Pohorylle, for three times the price of a French photographer. They managed to hold different photo exhibitions, as well as recognition in the most important magazines of the moment.

Taro learned and grew professionally showing through war photographs his passion for photography: she approached reality to tell it better, giving her works spontaneity and soul. And sadly, this cost Taro her life.Tragically, in 1937 while covering the Spanish Civil War, Gerda died in the middle of the withdrawal from the Brunete front, after suffering an accident with a military tank.

Robert Capa remained oblivious to the tragedy. They had arranged to meet in Paris to celebrate her birthday before he left for China. But Gerda Taro never arrived.

Capa continued with his passion for the war for 17 more years. In 1954, while covering the Indochina war, Capa got out of a jeep to get ahead of the coverage, but stepped on a mine that blew his leg off and gave him a fatal wound in his chest.

This is when the song starts:

Capa sings of the jeep, of the war and its images; of their relationship; of Taro waiting for Capa; and of their meeting afterlife.


A camera facing the piano, that's new :D

Loved reading the sad story whilst listening to you play, this is what we need more of here!

I like POV videos :D
Thanks :) I will work on it ;)

I like POV videos :D

I got some links :D

I got some links :D

Sharing is caring ;)

This looks like a fun song to play. The left hand is always supporting the right hand when help is needed. :)

Yes! It's nice to play the tune after hearing the original version more than 100 times :D You're right... the left hand always giving support and the right hand taking the credit. Quite unfair :O

Watching the top video almost gave me motion sickness. It is simply amazing that people can be so precise and hit those keys just right. I mean the left hand all the way off to the left comes back and lands just in the right spot.

A pretty moving song at the end, I do hate that annoying not available in your area notice, then have to type the title in google, then get to view it, what a waste if it is there it is a link they should just let it play.

Sorry for the sickness 😅 I remember when I was studying at the music school that I used to practice those "jumps" with my eyes closed 😵

It's too bad you couldn't see the original link. I chose than one specifically because it shows pictures taken by Taro and Capa. I am annoyed too 😛

That's the annoying thing about youtube, I actually did find the one with the pictures, I won't know if it is the one you had, but it had the same title so I am thinking it likely was.

Riding roller coasters, or being on a boat in waves never bothered me, but sitting still and watching was not an easy thing to do, but it was very interesting to watch. You'd think after all the games I play on the computer it would not happen.

Yes, I guess you found the same video.

Funny. It's the opposite with me. When I'm on something that's moving, that's only when I get dizzy.

This is amazing performance, good music and good moments... regards from Venezuela.

Thank you very much Gabo. Saludos desde es España. Espero que todo vaya bien por allí :)

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