Bitcoin Versus DeFi: Some Views

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DeFi is on fire and captured the interest of the crypto world. Not to be outdone, Bitcoin is still King of the Hill.

In this video I discuss how BTC will still maintain its place as digital gold, keeping it as a powerful player. DeFi, however, will emerge as a force that will surpass Bitcoin.

On this I am in agreement with the Goldman analyst who made that same call.

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While BTC remains the most trusted, many people will see deFi as the new king in the north and as a result of this, money will pump in and we'll see millions of value, deFi is beginning and the tech is relatively looking like the biggest thing that'll ever happen to crypto. I missed uniswap airdrop though it's been totally painful for me

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I missed the airdrop too bro. Losing free money can really be painful

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Totally painful my friend

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DeFi is booming no doubt but bitcoin is still a better store of value

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