Happy Uniswap Token Day: The Good And The Bad

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CryptoKittys 2.0. That are what some are calling it. The Ethereum blockchain froze up against just like a few years ago when the popularity of CryptoKittys bogged down that network.

In this video I discuss how it was a nice boost to the industry to have the UNI go live yet it also showed some of the pitfalls that still affect the industry.

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Wow, the buzz behind uniswap has been deafening and I guess people has been following the money. I won't lie to you, it seems really confusing to understand a thing, because there's just too much information in it. And there is already a fork and we now have suchiswap. Well happy uniswap token day then.

The thing that leaves me a little bit baffled is why so many people think that Ethereum is "the bee's knees" when that chain tends to buckle under the weight of any kind of large-scale enthusiasm... and the GAS fees so readily become ridiculously high... even compared to conventional fiat banking fees...

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It got the name recognition which put it out in the lead. This is being leveraged by the developers on there. For now, that is where the money is so everything focuses upon that.

But you are right, from a technical standpoint, much better options out there.

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Exactly the same with bitcoin though isn't it. Its all about branding ultimately and being a first mover, its very powerful.

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Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 23 of my contest just started...you can now check the winners of the previous week!

I hope you claimed your UNI, my 400 are worth over 2k now, a really nice gift .

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LOL UNISWAP is over $7 right now... i've been ignoring the airdrop... Guess that's no longer an option.