Cryptocurrency: Financial Inclusion

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We have the politicians and regulators foaming at the mouth. In the US, this seems to be publicly led by Senator Elizabeth Warren. These individuals are intent on keeping the elclusionary, enslaving system in place.

In this video I disucss how important it is for us to take a hard stance against this. Their goal is to diminis, if not destroy, cryptocurrency. This would ensure the present system that benefits only a few remains in place.

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It's funny when I upvote your posts I have conflicting feeling.. on one hand I see 350 people who have voted, and none of them chose to comment with their appreciation or thoughts on the subject.. so it just seems like a good way to make curating rewards.
On the other hand, I actually listen to mostly all of your videos all the way through, and I really enjoy what you have to say, so whenever I see your content, I upvote it 100% regardless.
You deserve every single upvote that is sent your way.. and the fact that you are so damn consistent proves this fact.

Thanks for all you do Tman, I look forward to listening to the archived audio of today's cryptomaniacs Q&A podcast! And I'm really glad I onboarded to this platform and had the opportunity to meet folks like you, Jon, Dan, Matt, khal, and so many others!

What an amazing place this is!

I appreciate the support and aim to give as much as I can back as compared to what is received. I try to do videos that help people to understand what we see taking place.

I enjoy seeing you in @leomarkettalk and engaging. This is what it is all about.

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