An Ode To John McAfee

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If you haven't heard, John McAfee reportedly committed suicide today in a cell in Spain. It is said that he took his own life not long after receiving word that extradiction to the United States was approved where he would stand trial on charges of tax evasion.

In this video I express my thoughts on McAfee and what I think he means to the industry. While he certainly was a flawed man, and his act became rather clownish at the end, for a number of years, he was the industry's biggest advocate.

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Wasn't he the one who ran some crypto scam, I don't remember all the details as it's been awhile but if you paid a fee or something similar he'd send you a bunch of crypto's?

I dont know if he did that but he was a paid promotor of tokens that ended up being scams.

So as I said, he was far from pure.

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I came across what exactly it was, he was promoting a crypto without telling people he was being paid to do it.

so far to his "suicide" .. what did he know and wanted to tell about corruption in a US-administration that they had to shut him up ??
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nah he was having a terrible time dude, he openly admitted it was the hardest most testing time of his life in jail. He knew he couldnt handle the rest of his life behind bars. Very sad but all this conspiracy crap is ridiculous. He posted that when he first got in jail, 8 months later and it was a different story. he thought he was bigger than the law and it served him in the end. He was 75 years old, why would you even want to die in prison? why go through it he knew he was done for.

Very sad but all this conspiracy crap is ridiculous.

So questioning the validity of the story being presented is ridiculous. You could be right about McAfee. However, there is a lot of reason to question.

Jeffrey Epstein is a prime example. Believing that he hung himself is truly ridiculous.

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There is a lot of possibility in that view. It is amazing how all these suicides are by hanging. You would think that they would remove that option from these cells if they wanted to prevent it.

It is possible the "hanging" was done at the hands of another. Would not be the first time.

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I found no information how he died .. just "found dead, most certainly suicide" .. some people say he was afraid to go to a US-jail but then why should he miss the chance to talk at a trial what they wanted avoiding him to talk about -- the corruption in some US-departements .. he still could commit suicide after found guilty IF he would have been found guilty so why in Spain ? Someone wanted to avoid that he talks in a public hearing or trial -- no other logical explanation to me ..

Who do you think will be the new targets now that McAfee is gone? Like you said, a lot of focus was on him but he is gone now.

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Well there isnt an individual front person at this point. The industry kept growing to the point where it is not having a single individual at the point. They now have to go after DeFi, Bitcoin, or the NFT market.

Their attacks are more general.

Of course, anyone caught doing anything wrong with or in crypto will be made an example. The ransomware is the latest talking point they use.

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For most he was a joker in the last decade. But what he dreamed in the crypto, will become true in upcoming years. RIP Mr. McAfee!

Thanks for sharing this news!

Yes he certainly was a dynamic personality, encompassing both a lot of extremely positive and negative traits.

He was a front person when crypto needed. He did have the foresight to see the potential. He was also a bit of a clown too.

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Suicide my ass!!!

Smells fishy 🤥🤥🤥🤥

Sick f*#ks... That is the way they "solve" their problems... 😡😠🤬

What can we say sir 😞😞😞.
Although it is said that we should not reach conclusion before thorough investigation, but what I read about him, his achievements, his downfall and most importantly his outspokenness. He doesn't seems like a person to commit suicide......

he killed himself end of story its very sad.

True sir😞😞😞😞😞

He probably got some pretty daming information at some point is why they threw in him jail in the first place. When he was traveling around the world most governments just left him alone.

I don't know the evidence right now and I don't know if we ever will, but if it was anything like the "Epstein suicide" we can be sure that, Cameras weren't working for some reason, the guards were "sleeping", and bunch of other things that are suspicious.

I think McAfee killing himself is about as likely as Epstein killing himself. Or Vince Foster. #BBH

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:( sabia muito sobre criptomoedas