The Internet In 2030: Big Changes Are Coming

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The Internet is not working for most people. This is no surprise since it is a model that basically follows the capitalistic one of the last couple centuries.

In this video I discuss how our communication is now economic and the next Gen Internet needs to take that into account. Moves are being made now to ensure we will be able to operate in a different way as compared to today.

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lets see if we can force the internet to become more decentralized. Paying your internet plan with crypto would be a great step towards this direction.

Change they say is the only constant thing in nature. Decades ago, there was no internet but after many years, IT surfaced. Presently, blockchain has changed the internet of old and we expect more changes in the far or near future. Howbeit, one should position himself for whatever changes that may ensure.

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Internet evolution wasn't without paying a price and that was in the form of less security and giving our information all over the place. But I think that with the latest blockchain technologies where anonymity takes place in some of the networks will make people migrate to such ecosystem which doesn't require such exposure. Even if outside the blockchain there are directions into this, a simple example could be TOR Browser, DuckDuckGo search engine and others alike.

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