Coronavirus/Covid-19 Content on 3Speak!

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Hello Everyone,

We all know how YouTube is going the extra mile to censor Covid-19 or Coronavirus related content. They are either, removing the videos completely or demonetizing some of them, if not all. Every day there are hundreds of publishers calling out YouTube on their other social media channels about these issues. This is censorship and against the fundamental human right to free speech. At 3Speak, we let the people decide which information they choose to watch and they decide which content represents their view. We do not believe in censorship. Sunlight is the best disinfectant.

In order to support such creators & journalists, 3Speak is going to provide as a backup space for this kind of content.

COVID 19 Content

While uploading your videos to 3Speak, you can choose the following communities if the content is Covid-19 or Coronavirus related:

  1. COVID-19 Community:
    (set up by @felix.herrmann, @demotruk and @ura-soul)
  2. Coronavirus Pandemic Community:
    (set up by @indextrader24)



We are also supporting users who are posting citizen journalism at this important time. The Citizen JournalistCommunity is critical to establish what is going on, on the ground in places where mainstream media has either censored or put a spin on the news.
(Please see our Citizen Journalist Information HERE)

Check out this update on how you can select the communities while uploading your videos on 3Speak.

Before publishing, kindly read the rules of the communities and adhere to relevant topics only. In general, you can publish content about Covid-19's background, information, developments, news, and discussions from any part of the world.

We think that every piece of information is important, especially while the majority of the world is under lockdown & free flow of information is restricted and controlled by the governments.

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I live in Venezuela, in my country the information is totally manipulated by the government, there is no way to know the truth about the pandemic. As far as possible I will try to pass on some information. I have the limitation of language, my English is bad, I use a translator.

thx for the shoutout - will test posting community videos on 3speak later next week!

Thanks so much for ur help @felix.hermann! U are a real asset to hive!

Wow.. This awesome. Its interesting to see how Threespeak swiftly swing along with meeting video content creators needs. I can finally get to share my though freely on the covid-19 pandemic here in my area. Thanks Threespeak.

That’s it man! We really hope we facilitate discussion without fear of censorship or reprisal! Good luck!

Thank you Starkerz

It's good to see that there are so many people who are open to alternative views about our current world challenge.
In this article you can find some alternative media resources about it.

Thank u

What do you think about it?

The truth is that it is not very fair that YouTube is monetizing some videos related to the pandemic, since everyone wants to take advantage of the worrisome issue to make easy money. There is no doubt that The CoronoVirus is the trend of the moment.

Could not agree more! There is only one narrative in the media! It’s not right not to provide a balanced view. The media has become propaganda!

How old are you? The media has BEEN PROPAGANDA since I've been old enough to know the difference and that's 35 plus years. :-)

@ph1102 3Speak is at the right place and the right time in history to become a verb like geergle. i.e. "3Speak it!"

Freedom of speech and expression all the way baby! *Just don't be a dick about it.

We need to keep a free, free speech, publicly available communication channel open for anyone who wants to talk and anyone who wants to listen. * Ratings are necessary, G, PG-13 and NSFW.

If we don't or can't then we will lose.

When a centralized platform becomes popular, they start showing the true color. It's a blessing that we have decentralized platforms like 3Speak where people can say what they want to say and everyone has a voice.

Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely. At threespeak we are planning on open sourcing the tech and the video storage and alllowing the community to control and own how this platform grows. It’s coming! It’s. What needs to be done

This is a right way to do! Give people an option, and not make us 🐑...

YouTube will probably pay a price for this kind of censorship...

3Speak should be a synonym for freedom!

Hehe! Maybe it will become that if we keep working hard at it!

Great news. I'm planning on making a video on Covid 19.

Lookin forwards to it!

Good to see two communities for Covid-19 specific threads.

You guys keep moving forward and no stopping stone for you guys.
Still trying to figure why really YouTube will censor covid-19

I think they realised that they have the numbers and are planning to be more like a TV service than a free upload platform. Makes sense if u want more power

Good idea. Respect.
YT is going crazy with censorship... y'all have a real chance
them days to reach millions more when the paradigm shifts ;)

That’s what we think too ;))

This looks great, and that is why Hive is there to get away from Censorship.


Hello everyone! I have just joined the threespeak community because I am already trying to overcome my shyness being on video. I hope you can help me.

I haven't really noticed the censorship that YouTube is doing for all those covid19 pandemic-related videos because it should be a significant topic that everyone should be watching. Although, content creators should indeed be responsible for sharing coz the info that they have gathered is already proven and not just a fake news.

I will try to share some vital info here in the Philippines too.

Hello all my friend...

I just start in @threespeak too, how to support this wonderful application in Indonesia, I think many friend very interesting in this application. Mr . @starkerz nice to meet you here, Greetings from Aceh, Indonesia.

good to see you here. looking forward to see your content and to you marketing it to people to bring more interaction to your content!

Nice to hear your support sir, I have to share on facebook too and others media social also. It's will be great I think sir, and per day I would share one content in Threespeak regularly and make interaction there...

It's surely a great initiative and will make us more powerful through freedom of speech.
Not only on YouTube, local media also censoring sort of corona news. I guess this platform and the created communities can help us express ourselves freely and present the real news without fear.

Thank you for supporting free speech.

Agreed!! I think we are more than capable of choosing what we would like to watch/listen to, and now we're being treated like children! Totally ripping us of freedom of speech but also freedom of choice! Madness.
There's also another platform that is decentralised where you can watch whatever the hell you like, called LBRY (spelt just like that) you can find it on Google playstore I believe! :)

This is great initiative

not only covid-19 but other contents are also censored yesterday in the controversy of youtubers vs tiktokers.

This is the perfect time to feature the benefits of an uncensored and decentralized platform. Great job!