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Make sure to read this post: DIYHUB Outreach Contest: Onboard and Win up To 300 HBD! 🚀

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Have you ever tried to onboard someone to Hive? If your answer is yes, you will know the struggle and hustle to keep the new Hiver alive and active. But with an open ear and some guidance, the new Hiver will evolve into an experienced Hiver with their own followers, their own communities, and maybe projects, and the onboarding is a success. It is a hard route, of course, but in the end it is a success for everyone. The best thing, it is recurring because if you see your onboarded Hiver posting on Hive, engaging with others, collecting votes, it is not just joy for them and their own content. It's a joy for you because you know that you brought this person to Hive and showed them this amazing new world. And because many of you did not already successfully onboarded someone to Hive, @DIYHub and @valueplan partnered together to encourage you to do so. With this partnership, they created a contest where you can win up to 300 HBD by onboarding someone to Hive. Now start by spreading the word of Hive in Web2 or in your friend groups or your family and onboard new users. You can use any signup process you want like or Ecency or PeakD. It doesn't matter. What matters is that the new creator needs to post a DIY related post into the DIYHub community naming you as their onboarder. This is really important. DIY related into DIYHub community naming you as their onboarder in the post. Of course, you can onboard as many people as you want. Before the contest ends, which is in the end of March, it is not a lot of time anymore, you have to create a summary post with all your onboardings, even if it's just one, and post it into the DIYHub community as well. Just explain the onboarding process and your experiences, write some words about the onboarded people and post it into the DIYHub community. We will then collect every summary post of everyone and evaluate who will win. It is not just by the count of or the amount of onboardings, it's also about the post quality you share with your summary post. So it is pretty subjective, but you can win 300 HBD. So why not just trying it out? As I've said in the beginning, even if you do not win in this contest, your successful onboarding is a success which generates recurring happiness of you and your onboarded friend. If you have any questions about this contest, make sure to read the post in the description. And if you have any further questions, just let me know here or under this post. And yeah, I wish you happy onboarding and happy creating. Peace out.

Spanish (translated with

¿Alguna vez has intentado incorporar a alguien a Hive? Si tu respuesta es afirmativa, conocerás la lucha y el ajetreo que supone mantener al nuevo Hiver vivo y activo. Pero con un oído abierto y un poco de orientación, el nuevo Hiver se convertirá en un Hiver experimentado con sus propios seguidores, sus propias comunidades, y tal vez proyectos, y la incorporación será un éxito. Es un camino duro, por supuesto, pero al final es un éxito para todos. Lo mejor es que es recurrente, porque si ves a tu Hiver incorporado publicando en Hive, interactuando con otros, recogiendo votos, no es sólo una alegría para ellos y su propio contenido. Es una alegría para ti porque sabes que has traído a esta persona a Hive y le has enseñado este nuevo mundo increíble. Y como muchos de vosotros aún no habéis conseguido incorporar a alguien a Hive, @DIYHub y @valueplan se han asociado para animaros a hacerlo. Con esta asociación, han creado un concurso en el que puedes ganar hasta 300 HBD por incorporar a alguien a Hive. Empieza ahora a correr la voz sobre Hive en Web2 o en tus grupos de amigos o familiares e incorpora nuevos usuarios. Puedes utilizar cualquier proceso de registro que desees, como, Ecency o PeakD. No importa. Lo importante es que el nuevo creador publique un post relacionado con el bricolaje en la comunidad DIYHub en el que te nombre como su onboarder. Esto es muy importante. El nuevo creador debe publicar un post relacionado con el bricolaje en la comunidad DIYHub nombrándote como su onboarder en el post. Por supuesto, puedes embarcar a tantas personas como quieras. Antes de que termine el concurso, que es a finales de marzo, ya no queda mucho tiempo, tienes que crear un post resumen con todos tus onboardings, aunque sólo sea uno, y publicarlo también en la comunidad DIYHub. Simplemente explica el proceso de incorporación y tus experiencias, escribe algunas palabras sobre las personas incorporadas y publícalo en la comunidad DIYHub. Después recopilaremos todos los resúmenes y evaluaremos quién gana. No se trata sólo de la cantidad de incorporaciones, sino también de la calidad de la publicación que compartes con tu resumen. Así que es bastante subjetivo, pero puedes ganar 300 HBD. Así que, ¿por qué no probarlo? Como he dicho al principio, aunque no ganes en este concurso, tu onboarding exitoso es un éxito que genera felicidad recurrente en ti y en tu amigo onboarded. Si tienes alguna pregunta sobre este concurso, asegúrate de leer el post en la descripción. Y si tienes más preguntas, házmelo saber aquí o bajo este post. Y sí, te deseo feliz onboarding y feliz creación. Paz.

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What ever happened to dtube, bro? They fell off or what? I remember you being one of the chain leaders so maybe you know. Havent dabbled on that platform in a year or more.

I have nothing to do with them anymore for a long time. dtube is still running and is still full of copy&paste content - yeah nothing has changed..

I am in contact with a handful of the leaders still as we became friends over the time but nothing can get me back to this platform/chain anymore. The Dao is pretty much controlled by one guy who is not very stable I would call it ;)

Wow, thank you so much for this great opportunity, yes I brought people into this great world, I will love to join this amazing contest and also onboard them but my problem is how to onboard them, I don't know how and way to start now, please let me know the way, I am so much happy to see this, please show me the way to creat, thank you so much, I wish each and every one of us happy onboarding.

If you already brought people to Hive then you should know what ways there are :P Here is an overview of some of the ways: Free signup like, etc. could be IP-blocked or temporarly shut down for some hours though. You will need to try them out for yourself with the new Hiver.. We don't have the best onbaording here on Hive but without trying we can not find out how to solve them :)

Hey! I completly forgot my account here... Happy to see you actively doing what you like to do :) I read the comment about and yes, there is a very unstable leader and yes Dtube is very unstable too. I don't think it will come back as before. That's make me sad, but it is what it is.

I will try to come back more often, as I don't know what to do and I am not sure how it works, and if I am welcome.

Thanks to you !

Heeeeey my friend! Welcome back :) Yes please write some words here on Hive, start a blog, discover communities, watch some stuff on 3speak and all of that. There are endless ways to express your creativity and flow here on Hive :) If you want we can have a video chat, talk about life and what you can do here.

How is your house doing man? Greetings over the sea to you, much love and energy <3

Why not for the chat? I need a breifing because I am not completely lost, but I am not sure that i am doing is right. The house is almost finished but I had to stop for a reason. Hoping to finish it this summer. I am living in right now.
Thanks for your warm welcome 👍

Every new Hiver matters. We all benefit from more activity and should support them. Contests like this will help.


The problem I have is the onboarding platform.

Hiveonboard sometimes fails to work........

Ecency sometimes doesn't allow some countries based on IP address

and the others require some form of payment which can be a bit discouraging for a new person

Yes I know about these problems and to point them out is the task of the onboarders and a discussion for the people who run these onboarding funnels. Just because there are hurdles on the way does not mean we should avoid starting the journey..

But if you know the person or got into a conversation it will be easy to find a solution. btw: and inleo got onboarding ways as well.

I guess I will try inleo

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